painting a kilometer of wood

We wanted to weather/insect and fungus proof the house a long time ago, we tried making pine tar for the job, which did work, but we realised we would need so much of it and the only way to make huge amounts was not only time inefficient but also required fire and at the time we were in a serious drought and a fire ban……then the rains came.  So, we ordered some stockholm tar (which is essentially the same thing) and mixed it with linseed oil and diesel to make our own preservative.

Other than keeping the workforce (of one) fed and watered and working on the rest of the farm, I haven’t been able to help much with the build so it seemed only right that I paint the house. It’s been a mucky job and tricky, reaching in and around inaccessible places, hanging off of bits of frame and leaning into the abyss, at times just down right dangerous but nothing compared to what rick has to go through on a daily basis.

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2 Responses to painting a kilometer of wood

  1. Luise says:

    The mixture you are using for paint sounds very intriguing! I have used linseed oil with a tad turpentine in the past but never for a whole house and only ever in cold, wet Germany.
    I was wondering though how it works in such a hot and fire-prone country as Portugal, isn't it very flammable?

  2. hello
    according to the builder (my husband) “the ingredients are flammable in a spirit state, but when dry they don't noticeably add to the volatility of the thing they are being applied to”
    hope that answers your question!!!

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