a walk round the garden

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6 Responses to a walk round the garden

  1. Julia & Mick says:

    It's all looking great! Loving the tyre plantpot & those strawberries – yum!! :0) X

  2. thanks, it's been alot of hard work, should all start paying off soonxxxx

  3. food says:

    All looking incredible – hard work as you say – especially with building roofs at the same time! How do you irrigate) I am so impressed – not a weed in sight!

  4. Hi “Food”
    there are plenty of weeds, trust me!!!
    i don't irrigate, I should as we currently have a small stream running through the land, but it is such a faff i just haven't got time to stand there and try and control the flow of water, the Portuguese are very good at it, but it only really works when you have a large flow of water. All the quintas are designed well to support irrigation in the portuguese way but it's very time consuming if you don't have much flow (which i don't), so i pump water from my bore hole into a holding tank above the garden and then use hoses. I would like to think that one day we will come up with a better system but as you see we are rather busy with building a house aswell and that is the priority at the moment

  5. Jayney says:

    Hi Sarah and Rick – Jayne from Deflores here. Big shout out to the garden and house – all looking fantastic due to your hard work and tenacity. Loving the site too. Will come and see you when back from Blighty next week. xxx

  6. Jayne from Delflores
    Ha just found your comment…such a lovely supper and company, so nice to catch up, thank you for inviting us
    come and see us soon with pots for runners

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