first asparagus this year

it’s unseasonably warm at the moment and dry, we can’t even remember when it last rained, there have been forest fires this week and the rivers are drying up. Despite these temperatures it’s still frosty at night and too early to plant anything….the only real sign of spring in the vegetable garden is that the asparagus has appeared.

I noticed that some had come up a while ago and covered the area over with some fleece to protect any more that may come up and just kind of thought it was a bit confused and that it would stop…it didn’t, so tonight we ate asparagus which we had with one of our first lemons….yum yum

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One Response to first asparagus this year

  1. Wendy says:

    Lovely! I'm still waiting for mine to put in an appearance. They were up in January last year, but maybe the bed is too dry. Will have to try and get some water on it …

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