newly acquired trees

When we bought our farm it was an overgrown and abandoned mess

There were whole areas we couldn’t even access, it’s taken a while but finally I think I have broken the back of it. The olive grove (above) we believed, finished at the little camino that runs along the top…….however, a few months ago the loggers arrived in our area and along with felling nearly every single tree in our valley they also took down some pines and stone pines above our olive grove, (they ruined a few of our olive trees in the process)…….here, they say that if you’re not sure about where your boundaries are, fell some trees and you’ll soon find out…this is what happened, some of the pines the loggers felled were actually ours on a piece of land we didn’t know we owned.
I wanted to create some space around each newly acquired olive tree so that I could prune them.

There were fallen dead pines and meters and meters of brambles all twisted around each tree. Its been a painful but rewarding experience.

Not quite finished but I don’t want to do it all at once, where’s the pleasure in that?

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