getting crafty

One of the things about living somewhere remote and having no budget for extras is that you have to get creative, in everything you do. I used to really love buying cards and presents for people when I had money. I also used to make stuff for myself on the sewing machine, but would have the luxury of choosing the fabric I wanted and the amount I wanted. Now I am making things from scraps and bits of old clothing from the dump!!! it doesn’t get more creative, often challenging and a bit limiting but I think the results are OK and the effort that goes in to these presents is way more satisfying.

Tea cosys



Here’s a shot of the inside of a cosy with a shirt from the dump!!

Pan holders…..

Bag and matching purse

Sewing machine cover

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3 Responses to getting crafty

  1. emma says:

    Oh! Those tea cosies! :,) Our knitted cat cosy is in use 24hrs here. You are very clever, they are adorable!

  2. ha, I have just the slogan for you, i'll make you one sometime, or do you prefer the mad hatter style?

  3. loving your crafty stuff … I always find it's a lot more fun when you have to work with what you've got available 🙂

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