first orange

this is our first orange from our three year old tree…lots more to come and lemons too

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8 Responses to first orange

  1. Anonymous says:

    terrific – proud parents!

  2. oh yes very proud parents!!

  3. shellstar says:

    Yum!! Well done 🙂 Shelley xx

  4. Ann Stuff says:

    Wow…. so jealous. I had two orange trees in England and no matter how much i looked after them the oranges were never sweet enough to enjoy. Fresh lemons…. Tarte au citroen… Recipe if you need a good one

  5. nicolanash says:

    Great blog Sarah & Rick. Hope you're still loving life out there. Keep up the good work! x

  6. thanks nicola, good to see you here….still building and growing and discovering bits of our farm we didn't know we had!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi There! Congratulations. I hope my 1 year old trees will do the same in Portugal. Please check to see them.
    Good Luck,

  8. Thanks for comments, I have accidentally killed these citrus trees twice, due to negligence. They are all in the their 4th year. Have been given alot of TLC, lots of manure and ash and water and citrus feed. Only 3 out of 7 have produced anything, 2 of them look diseased…..

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