upcycling shit

Ha, some of you facebook readers may have seen this week that I’d been shopping at the bins again. It’s a great time of year here at the dump and various hot spots, all the wealthy city dwellers come to spend part of their holidays here in their ancient relatives’ houses and take it upon themselves to throw everything less than 5 minutes old away.
Some of last years throw away items included these lovely food tins (one lid missing)

an old mattress was made into a curtain

and now this, as it was a shirt and is now a skirt I have decided to call it “the shit”, i was reminded of a time when I was very very young (and slimmer), my friend and I used to wear shirts as skirts, using the sleeves as a kind of belt. Now that I am a bit bigger it was all a bit bulky at the front (and I have enough of that, thank you) so I cut the top off, sewed up the arm holes and sort of overlapped them, so that they look like pockets and turned over the top……

Everything has been salvaged from the bin, cleaned and put to another use

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4 Responses to upcycling shit

  1. Jules & Mick says:

    Wow! Clever u! The 'shit' looks fab!! Thin & cool forcing summer too would imagine? People are so bloody wasteful these days, so good for you! Reckon you could get a right cottage industry going with the 'Shit'…. Sell via eBay or chart website?! X

  2. shellstar says:

    Awesome… love it Sarah!! S xxoo

  3. Alice says:

    so loving the 'shit' … seriously, you could most definitely have a little business here!!!

  4. glad you all like “the shit”, my sewing is not really up to par for selling and I can't figure out how to do a waistband, might wait for my mum to come and then she can help me……

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