garden stuff

From this

Onto this

Equals this

I have never seen so many bees on my newly created wildflower meadow, am soo chuffed, you can’t see all the other flowers, but they are there, slightly dwarfed by the sunflowers

The raspberries have done exceptionally well this year and will fruit again this autumn, then I can dig some runners up and create more lines

Have also spent an age hauling sacks and sacks of bark down to cover the whole area, so far about 2 truck-loads has only just covered the blackcurrants,

will do the other fruit when it cools down a bit.

The rest is all self explanatory

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2 Responses to garden stuff

  1. Julia & Mick says:

    Well done! It all looks magnificent, flowers, fruit & veg alike! Can't believe the sunflowers, they were only tiny a couple of months ago! Hope you enjoy looking at the flowers & eating the array of goodies you've nurtured and tended! X

  2. wow – looks absolutely amazing! enjoy 😉

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