New hens and stuff

I have inherited two new hens from a friend, here they are

both black, one tiny but both regular layers, seem to be coping well too, having come from a free range home with no other hens or cockerels, they took a couple of days to settle in and get used to the cock-a-doodle-doing, which is loud and frequent

In-case you were wondering about the enormous egg? it wasn’t a double yoker as we thought it might be, it was actually an egg inside an egg!! nobody has ever heard of such a thing, so if you have, please comment, needless to say that hen has not laid another egg since!!! shame

Bits of my garden are doing very well, especially the flowers

and the top fruit. Last year we had a few raspberries, this year I am picking at least half a kilo of loganberries and raspberries everyday.

I’m freezing most of it to make some jam later on in the year when it’s not so hot.

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3 Responses to New hens and stuff

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    Hello to the new chokes!! Do they names?! Flowers and fruit doing well, loganberries etc look yummy! Look forward to a taste of jam sometime! As for the giant egg….never heard of an egg in an egg?! Just assumed by the size of it, it was going to be a double/triple yoked!! Weird!! X

  2. Jules and Mick says:

    Chooks!! Meant chokes!! (bloody predictive iPad text!!) x

  3. Jukes and Mick says:

    See it did it again!!! CHOOKS!!!!!

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