We are kindly looking after a friends dog for three months,

5 weeks in and we’ve had a flea infestation. We have spent almost three days washing everything in the house, spraying furniture, floors, washing endless dog bedding, backwards and forwards to the chemist for hideous products, several phone calls to the chemist, some tears and some laughter, finally last night we had a full nights sleep without being bitten….however, I noticed as I have been inspecting all our creatures that the fleas had still not left Bullseye. I have taken very drastic measures, the first day I cut most of his hair off, badly, with some dog grooming scissors,

when I noticed the fleas again today, I went back to town and managed to buy a dog grooming kit in one of the many Chinese shops we have here. I have now groomed him properly. Well sort of, he didn’t like it so I had to ply him with constant treats and lots of encouragement, I’ve left him a pompom tail and some furry boots and his head. Sorry Keeley

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4 Responses to Fleasn’all

  1. Julia & Mick says:

    LOL!!!! A 'short back and sides' won't do him anynharm for the summer, keep him cool in the hot weather!! Did he get a 'crack,back and sack' too?!!!! Looks like it! Don't envy you having to sort it all out, my act got fleas years ago, it was bloody awful, all in the carpets and everything. After everything withe the pigs, this was the last thing you needed… Hope they're gone now though, helped by Bulleye's haircut!! X

  2. yeah, you'd think it would help, but NOOOOOO i got bitten again this morning….sooo fed up with it all

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my dear golly god. I doubt your allowed to swear on these vlogs (vain peoples blogs), so, Holly molley

  4. dear anonymous, guessing by the lovely spelling, who you are!!!! Holy Moley…you can swear on my vain blog, the more the better…..cheers bluey/foxy????????

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