and then there were none, back to square one

Sadly the little one has gone………..
I was battling with my conscience because I could see that the mum was not really producing enough milk and he was crying a lot in the last day. I toyed with the idea of bottle feeding him and had to ask myself some fairly serious questions about the viability of it all and then the fact that if he survived, he would reach sexual maturity before leaving home and get his mum and grand-mum up the duff, plus all that handling makes you feel quite attached, so in a way as awful as it’s been this week, it is a blessing in disguise. We also have some fairly serious flea problems and having him around was making it difficult to deal with it.

On the upside mum’s eye is getting better, thanks to my friend Lisa and her miracle eye oinkment!!!!

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2 Responses to and then there were none, back to square one

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    So sorry to hear about the last little piglet, but know that it probably is a big relief for you… Still sad though. Glad to hear that Mum's eye is on the mend. Concentrate on the fruit and veg and chokes from now on! X

  2. Jules and Mick says:

    Last comment should have said chooks!! i.e. Chickens!! (bloody iPad!) x

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