eggstatic news

Yeah, the last little one survived the night, hurrah. He’s doing really well and has started doing the funny side jump thing that they do at this age, he seems very advanced for one week, already wallowing in the mud bath and looking for things to eat? Mum’s eye looked a little better today so will carry on with the cold tea treatment, have also dusted them and their houses with some Diatomaceous Earth

Anyway, the other good bit of news is this massive egg….I couldn’t believe it when I went in to the chook house to get the eggs this morning…it’s a good job eggs are soft as they come out and only harden as they hit air…wouldn’t want to pass that one.

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3 Responses to eggstatic news

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    So pleased that the little man made it through the night and that he's tough character! Has he got a name? As for the chickens, OMG – are you sure they haven't turned into ostrich's overnight! Poor girl forcing that one out!! Assume you're going to eat it yourselves?! You'll have to let us know how many yolks are in it! My (Jules) Dad used to regularly get a tray of eggs from a farm which inevitably were mostly double yolkers, but they were never that size!!! I wouldn't be surprised it there's at least 3 yolks in that one! Once again, so happy about piglet and g,ad to hear Mum's eye is looking better. XX

  2. so glad to see that one made it through… hope he continues to get stronger. As for the egg – WOW! we had some massive ones when we stayed at a place in France, but nothing on this scale!

  3. Alice, this egg is truly comic, i've only ever seen a goose egg that big, very strange. Anyway, may have to start bottle feeding the piglet as I don't think he's getting enough from mum, she seems to be all dried up…damnation, will make it harder to get rid of him

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