and then there were four (again)

It would appear that the fifth piglet has died or something…… did look very very small when I spotted it yesterday and was having trouble finding teats, so it could have died, either naturally or been killed. Maybe there was something wrong with it…who knows, maybe it’ll turn up again, but I somehow doubt it.

When I arrived at the farm today, I discovered one of the females running around outside,

the other three were busy scrapping in the house, god they are rough with each other.

They all seem to be feeding fine.

I’m leaving them alone for the rest of the day, as I want to constantly be watching them as do the dogs. The dog we are looking after has taken to entering the pig field of his own accord and I don’t trust him around the piglets, so am keeping them all away for the time being.

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3 Responses to and then there were four (again)

  1. shellstar says:

    They are seriously cute. They do look like little black jelly beans so… did you check with Rick where the fifth one went?

  2. ha ha. we had a good look for it today around the field and i rummaged around inside the house but didn't want to disturb the nest too much, it's probably dead in a corner somewhere, or the mum or the grand-mum ate it or a hawk or fox got it? but no, i don't think rick ate it!!!! but you never know

  3. Jules and Mick says:

    Oh dear, but to a certain degree, only to be expected. Are all the others female? Got any buyers yet? Can't waitto call you for a full update! Hope Japseye didn't have a 'Scoobt snack' whilst you weren't looking?! Probably best to keep the dogs away, good idea! X

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