Five full mooners

There has been a lot of controversy about weather the youngest female was pregnant. I knew she was, I had watched her mum have several seasons and her none. Rick only started believing me last week!!!

When I had a look in this morning I could only see four, when I came back at lunch time there were five. I haven’t ventured in to the pig house yet to find out what sex they are, didn’t want to disturb mum, but thanks to rick’s canny design on the pig house, there’s a viewing window at the back….

More photos when I can get some

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2 Responses to Five full mooners

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    Oh wow, they're so cute!!! Hope all is well with them all, look forward to hearing more about them, I.e. What sex they are etc. Congratulations! Will tell Little Mum, she was excited for you! Love, Jules and Mick XX

  2. michelle says:

    How lovely and healthy they look…so cute.

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