Mobile home

The truck came today to take away all the bits of timber that Rick can’t mill himself, they should have come yesterday, but as we all know now, that’s Portugal, and nothing happens when you expect it. Only having to wait an extra day is nothing.

There is still a pile down by the house which apparently will be picked up on Thursday, then the big milling can start next week.

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3 Responses to Mobile home

  1. Wendy says:

    That wasn't Antonio was it? He was supposed to deliver to mine yesterday but didn't show up today either (unless it was after 5pm by which time we were Coja-bound para aprendar português).

  2. yes, it was Antonio, and he had had some problems with another crane which is why he hadn't delivered to you, we got blown out the day before because he said he was delivering to you and cynthia, we had booked him weeks ago…so we were a bit miffed, anyway all good, we need to go up there and mill all the small pieces left behind, you'll probably hear us

  3. Good to read that you've ended well. Nice hard work. I find motivation to see you guys working that hard.

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