what happened to the pig?

if you were wondering what happened to the big pig. this is it.

following dispatch and dismemberment it has ended up as

suffolk cured and smoked black bacon.

suffolk cured and smoked ham

and soon to be suffolk pork pies.

the process involved 3 days of salting, then immersion under a huge oak log into a barrel containing sugar, salt, spices and black beer. leave for 56 days. remove and hang in the smokehouse for about a week of smoking. mainly used oak, but also a mixture of chestnut, olive, walnut, fig, cherry woods to smoke it with. then eat.

in the manner of ray mears imimating chef ken hom, “oh, if you could only smell dis.” in fact if you could only taste it. it tastes like very expensive maple smoked ham and bacon, and a bit like black forest black ham. “its good, its very good” to use the words of a master chef presenter.

thankyou pig. you taste good.

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4 Responses to what happened to the pig?

  1. Jules and Mick says:

    Oh bless him! But it's what he was bred for and you were both very brave at the time… See you soon! X

  2. Good job! You left me like walking out, buying a pig, etc…
    What kind of breed is that?

  3. good question miguel, mountain hybrid special, a fair bit of wild boar and who knows what. very ugly pigs, prone to running to fat it seems, the others are on a strict diet. if we get more pigs it'll be white's. these cost too much to feed, as they take a long time getting to weight. the whole thing seemed to be from the world of useless economics. hopefully it'll get better.

  4. You now, as I followed the blog entries, as the pigs were growing up, I couldn't help but thinking there was some Vietnamese pot belly pig in them…
    Have you heard about the Portuguese “porco bísaro” pig breed? It has also a bit to do with “how fat you like your bacon.” Bísaro is probably one of the leanest pigs around.

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