Day eight

Coming to the end of our time on this bit of mountain, not much left to take out, lots of clearing up to do though and then the hauling out. We’ll be moving down to directly above our farm next, which will present another set of problems,getting the trees to land exactly where we want them and not take down the telephone line.

I’ll show you some pictures tomorrow of before cutting and after so you can see how well managed the whole thing has been, not one cork oak has even been damaged…..

Here’s two pictures of the dreaded caterpillars (especially for Gary)

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4 Responses to Day eight

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow thanks for the caterpillar pix!

    “Would the lead caterpillar please stop turning left!”

  2. they were shortly despatched by the wheels of our truck!! sorry, i don't know if the ones that don't die all find each other?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey you two!! OMG, see what you mean about the caterpillars, yuk! Hope Fred and Blossom are staying well away and we'll have to keep an eye on Vasco and Lara next year. We'll be out to see you 7th May! Was hoping to get out before, but we're maxes out here at the moment, but it will be a different kind of maxes out this time next year! Helping you and sorting our garden out!! Hope you're both well and take care with those big trees! Sure they're in good hands with Rick! Take care and keep in touch! Love and hugs to you both, Jules and Mick xx

  4. Mick and Jules, the dogs are fine, I am walking them elsewhere, they're not getting a lot of outdoor time at the moment, but they seem to be coping. Hope things aren't too stressful at home for you, looking forward to seeing you in May

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