Day five

4 trees, 2 blow downs, 13/14 pieces of constructable timber
No pictures, pouring with rain, finished early, dripping wet!!!!

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4 Responses to Day five

  1. emma says:

    That makes me say scones and a good pot of tea. Perhaps even an afternoon movie… mmm a nice afternoon nap YOU DESERVE IT

  2. Better days already on the way! Are you going to use some sort of portable chainsaw mill?

  3. rick said

    if only it were scones and tea emma,

    it was tea, however alas it was not an afternoon movie, but chainsaw engine rebuild of the other big saw, as the piston finally arrived from NW Canada.

    and miguel, yes i will be using a portable mill for all the lengths 5m and under (as that's the limit on the mill). its a logosol mill, here's a link

    if i had to invest that much money again in a mobile mill i definately wouldn't be buying another one, instead i would probably buy one of these,

    but even that has some drawbacks, especially the fact that it doesn't seem to come with half the parts you need. thou its somewhat cheaper than the logosol, which is about E1500 for the cheapest model.

    the logosol is made out of aluminum and too flexible. also it doesn't secure the far end of the chain bar on the saw, so its almost impossible to saw even boards, however, its alright for beams, which is, for the most part what i want out of it.

    i couldn't afford a woodmizer, which would've been the best thing, they are between £3000- £5000 2nd hand on ebay, if you can find one. you've got to be sawing a great deal of lumber to invest that much, you'd want to make it a business.

  4. The beauty of self-sufficiency! 😉

    I would bet you can get some of the parts you need (or would rather have them in steel) custom made by a local “serralheiro”…

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