Day three

4 trees for construction and 2 out to ease the way.
We need 134 pieces, so far we have 33….woohoooo

I got new gloves, old ones had given up!!!!

In competition with loggers all over the place, you’d think it would be nice and peaceful up there – NO
This is what it looks like when they clear cut

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2 Responses to Day three

  1. Wendy says:

    I can recognise the sound of Rick's saw from across the valley now! Looking good guys!

  2. Mark & Suze says:

    Hate the clear cuts – just up the road we have a forest that is 12,500 hectares of pines. They recently decimated (ok clear cut) our favourite area by the stream where everyone walked their dogs, horses and so on. It always looks bad for a couple of year after…

    Cheers Mark & Suze

    p.s. nice gloves!

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