We decided after having picked a couple of sacks of olives that we would leave them until we returned from UK. Leaving alot of olives on the trees and hoping that the weather wouldn’t be too awful. When we returned from the UK, infact the night we returned it was the windiest we had experienced here, so windy that the pig sty was moved about 30 yards, probably with the pigs in it..

When we went to the farm the next day alot of olives were on the ground, it then rained for about 4 days, so we waited. We then started picking, Rick up the trees, me either picking up olives from the ground or cleaning the olives. We finally finished yesterday. After last years shennigans at the mill we decided to use another one, not traditional, but a sight more organised. We went with 295 kilos and came out with 57 litres. Way more than we expected. I guess leaving them on the trees for that couple of weeks longer really paid off. We’ll do the same next year, the only problem is the longer you leave them the worse the weather.

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3 Responses to olives

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps I should design you a label and we can start selling some of your surplus on the O/S market xx

  2. I have a logo, but not sure how much i would actually end up getting after shipping etc. nice idea though, do you want to see my logo?

  3. Good choice. Congratulations for your work.

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