the cat that got the rat got bit

Poor Lulu, she was just doing her job, killing mice and rats.

I noticed there was something wrong with her lower jaw and I checked her teeth to make sure she didn’t have a problem there, but she was eating fine and seemed happy so I left her alone, then her jaw got worse, and even though she was till eating I checked the rest of her jaw out. She had a massive swelling under her chin.

I took her to the vets and an hour later he had shaved her and lanced an abcess and drained about 10ml of stinky fluid from it. The only thing I can imagine that caused this is the rat, she’s pretty hardy and has fights with cats all the time, but have never had a problem like this, it’s only the second time in her life that I’ve had to take her to the vets outside of her yearly injections…..


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2 Responses to the cat that got the rat got bit

  1. Teresa says:

    Hope Lulu is recovered now!

    hey, the email addy on your blog doesnt work.

    I would really like to know more about the alpacas. When i find a place to land, I will buy some stock.

    Keep up the good works…and the amusing blog!

  2. hi teresa, sorry that the email thing doesn't work, i'm not so good with the blog on the technical side. Anyway, it's my friends who have the alpaca's, so when you want let me know and i'll put you in touch with them

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