Alpaca poo tea

I have been trying to dress and feed all the trees which we have planted since we’ve been here. Some trees have not survived, mostly because I didn’t water them enough, some I suspect from poor stock. They don’t cost much here, so it’s not a terrible shame. But always trying to manage things better and do things efficiently and cheaply I was offered some alpaca poo in exchange for some livestock.

Having recently given over the whole of meadow three to the pigs (moving the fences constantly was too labour intensive),

Rick fenced off each end and now they have the run of the whole meadow. I needed to sort out the trees that I planted there, I actually couldn’t find two of the almonds as my sunflowers had taken over, I dug bowls around each one and dressed them with straw and covered that in alpaca poo……



Pigs love alpaca poo

I had to pick up all the alpaca poo and come up with another plan. How to feed the trees. Bit of research later….alpaca poo tea, you’d probably need one hell of a digestive biscuit to stomach it though.

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