The no budget build-rubble control

When I was excavating the oversite, I was thinking about the ways in which I could use the rock that I was digging out.
Here are those ways. Some of the rock, the best grade material, will go back to building the house.
The next grade, in both size and shape has already gone to building a terrace wall on top of an existing terrace.

The footing for the wall was hand dug, and that material, along with the next lot of trenching will go to in-fill a raised bed the next terrace down.

The foundation to the wall is crushed stone, graded out from the oversite dig, too small for laying, but ideal as a footing material, when compacted. It is free draining, and solid.

The wall was built using rough grade, field stone, excavated in the oversite dig.

The back of the wall was infilled with crushed stone to act as a french drain, removing the risk of rainwater backing up and causing the wall to fail. An outlet was left in the wall for grey water and rainwater run-off from the house to feed into the raised bed.

After the french drain was infilled, everything else I couldn’t use was run over to level up the terrace to give both a level from which to build off of and in the future an area that will be paved. The landscaping has been left intact as possible, to help segue in the build.

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