The no budget build-chainsaw preparation

Things have a way of happening, and early on, prior to any of the construction process, we got offered the possibility to purchase for felling, a number of walnut, chestnut and cherry trees in another mountain region.

Prior to felling, I tried to envisage, in the traditional way, components of the house, whilst they were still part of the trees. I can’t tell you yet how successful this was. In times past, all the component parts of the house were numbered as the timbers were cut out of the trees, to enable the subsequent framing of the house on site, I couldn’t do that, but what I could see was a possible use for most of it.

I felled a lot of trees, and so far have processed a lot of raw lumber into useable material for construction, but not anywhere near enough, a tiny fraction of the lumber needs for a wooden house. It was a sensible and sensitive approach. I’ve been back to the site a number of times, and am glad to see that all the trees have subsequently coppiced, and where there was one trunk, there are now twenty or more shoots growing up. Rather than destroying a habitat, it has been a habitat that has been managed in a sustainable and sensible way, utilising the existing native hardwoods. A lot of people see the chainsaw as the epitomy of destruction, i would argue that it depends on how you use it.

The lumber came in a number of loads, some of it is still parked on the driveway awaiting processing.

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