saints preserve us

Some time ago I had a wonderfully misunderstood moment that I wanted to write about, but I wanted a photo to go with it and then the moment went and the potential blog post was lost forever, Today, however it presented itself again, so it seemed rude not to act upon it as am always inclined to think that everything happens for a reason so maybe I am meant to tell my silly little story.

On my way home a few months ago our neighbours stopped me and asked me if I had one of these.

Always on the look out for quaint antiques, I said no, I don’t have one of those, ahh they said then you should have this, your neighbour Isabelle will bring it round at eight o’clock. Imagine my delight when she arrived at eight and I opened the box to find saints inside, lovely.

I’m not religious at all but do like a bit of religious icononery (there’s a pun in there somewhere, of the french persuasion, me thinks). Oh, where shall I put it, Oh we’ll just put it here on the shelves above the TV for now. I sat and looked at my new box of saints and thought, this isn’t right at all, I have completely misunderstood something. I asked my young friend what it was all about and she explained that I keep the box for 24 hours, make a donation in the money slot and then pass on to my neighbour. There was me thinking that a) I’d finally got the hang of the language and b)my neighbours had my best interests at heart and were that desperate for me to join them in their catholisicm that they gave me a box of saints……

oh well… tickled me silly and now the box has come back again and I have to make yet another contribution, I thought about putting some condoms inside, but not sure if the slot is the right shape…….ha ha

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  1. ahahh! Geez, I'm portuguese and I'm sure I would misunderstand it too!

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