piggie update #2

Despite everything I have read about creep feeding etc. the piglets are now standing in the feed trough and eating everything, they seem to be fine so am not worrying about whether they’re getting what they need, they look fine and have fat little bellies.

The piglets kept breaking through to be with the male, so we have opened it all up again and hopefully the adults will do their business and we’ll have one more litter. We’ve sold all the piglets so far, but will keep back one female from this litter and maybe one more from the next litter. There are some question marks about the virility of our male pig, as clearly he was not the father of this 1st litter, they were both too young to mate so she could only have been knocked up by a very mature male.

So we’ll see. I’m quite happy with what we have and is more than enough meat for us.

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3 Responses to piggie update #2

  1. great to hear you have stopped worrying! the natural way has got to be the best way, and it's also always the easiest way. feed to books that say otherwise to the pigs!

  2. emma says:

    oh they are so sweet little tubby wubbies I want a piggy wiggly 🙂

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