thieves in the night

I hadn’t actually noticed until my neighbour pointed out that some of my plants were missing.
It took her about five minutes to explain where they had gone and why.

They had been taken in the night by someone (?) and placed in a circle with everybody else’s pot plants in front of the font in the village

I have trawled around the internet looking for stuff about Saint Antonio, I won’t bore you with it, all I’ll say is it involves sardines and lots of them (cancelled here yesterday, due to bad weather!, not sure how traditional that is) and someone coming in the night and stealing all your plants, in my case 2 geraniums and lots of basil. Now whether they realised that it was basil is another matter but basil happens to be THE herb of choice for this particular saint.

All very funny and the cause of much hilarity among the locals at our expense

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