surprise, surprise

When we got the pigs we were told they were about 3-4 months old. We’d done some research and been told that females can’t really get pregnant until at least six months.
When the pigs got moved down to the campo after having had them for about a month, making them 4-5 months old they were “at it” alot.
We then noticed that she was getting bigger and her teats were engorged, neighbours visited (mostly out of curiosity/nosiness), they all reckoned the female was pregnant. Ricks been busy clearing the fprest so that we’ve got more fence posts and this week was about to embark on creating a new campo and house to move the male into. We pitched up at the farm today, the female had given birth to 4 piggies……

Rick spent all afternoon creating some temporary housing and partition, only to discover as he was leaving that the male had broken out and gone back to the female and the piglets. It’s not ideal, but as he keeps reminding me pigs have been doing this in the wild forever and she and her young will be OK.

Fingers crossed…..

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