shiny happy piggies

I read that we needed to be grooming the pigs with a dandy brush, well I don’t happen to have one of those to hand, so when I went riding at Sophie’s on monday I had a look at a dandy brush and bought a much cheaper equivalent from a local builders yard (€0.95 actually). The pigs loved being groomed and it was quite satisfying as all the mud and flaky stuff flew off them, it also gave me a chance to check them over and discovered that the hooligan male had cut his face in several places, more about that in a minute.After grooming you’re supposed to cover them in neetsfoot oil, well I don’t have any of that either so I used linseed oil, which Rick assures me is just as good. Needless to say they now look filthy again, but we’ll go through the ritual of this grroming malarky cause it’s quite nice and a bit like having two tiny ponies!!!

The reason the hooligan pig had cut his face is because he insists on tearing around the campo and charging into the house that rick built them, which, as it’s made out of corrugated tin, has sharp edges.

I came up with what I thought was a genius plan to use some old hose, cut it and wrap around the edge of the tin and stick it all on with gaffer tape. This I did. Feeling rather proud of myself for not just coming up with a cunning plan but also implementing it (obviously with some fuss thrown in for good princess farmer measure!).
I was mighty pissed off to discover that hooligan was slowly and not quietly ripping off the tape and chewing up the hose. GRRRRRR

His cuts healed overnight, I will slowly be less precious about their welfare, not neglecting their well-being just treating them more like livestock rather than pets. Otherwise I am never going to be able to eat them.

Now about that broody hen, I’ll tell you about her later

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