a long whey to go….

pig food is expensive and they eat a lot of it, we supplement them with all sorts of kitchen vegetable waste and i’ve now persuaded one of the local caterers to give me all their veg scraps, which is great. What we really wanted was some whey, first find the word in the dictionary, mmm doesn’t exist, hunt around on the internet, found a word, no-one knew what it was. Imagine the conversation, “you know, the liquid after make cheese”, cos that’s probably what my portuguese sounds like to a portuguese person. We happened to pass a sign on the road the other day pointing to a farm, the sign had a big cheese on it, ooohh, lets go there and ask them for, oh christ what’s that word again, anyway had to have the whole, “you know, the liquid after make cheese” conversation again and lo and behold we have been granted as much as we want whenever we want!!!!! hurrah.

Soro de leite coalhado (which actually translates as serum from clotted milk, no wonder we couldn’t remember what it was called, or that anyone knew what we were talking about).
I went today to get our first load and decided to count how many bends there were between us and them. What am I doing counting bends when i should be concentrating on driving, well, becoming more portuguese I guess, not really paying attention, using all of the road instead of my half and generally not paying attention (did I say that already!). 94 in all, some of them the kind that you have to change gear on, (down,not up!!) and various obstacles to veer around, including animals, people and rubbish and and the occasional fallen tree.

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