Parsnip chips

We did wonder whether we talked too much about food and had almost decided to stop posting entries about it, but on reflection, seeing as mostly what we are about is growing food to eat, we shall carry on.

Home-grown parsnips, chipped and cooked in our own olive oil, dipped in home-made chilli jam and mayonaise

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2 Responses to Parsnip chips

  1. Frieda says:

    KHello Lovely – This reminded me = we used to make lots of globe artichoke crisps when Abel and Cole delivered a glut of them. The only problem is globe artichokes make one fart like a bleeding trooper however you cook them. But then you probably don't have a telly, so cheap entertainment. F xxx

  2. ha, we do have telly, but we don't have fartichokes……me no like too much and he no like at all….and the consequences are dire. i would rather smell my wee after asparagus…..

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