here piggy piggy

Today, at 8.30 this morning, to be precise, the pigs arrived. Both of them. Black and hairy. They are not being named, for obvious reasons, but will be mentioned in dispatches, and all being well, will be eaten, sometime a year or so from now. Currently, they are being fed a complete food, with any additional food scraps from the kitchen. Later when they are big enough to live out, they will be foraging as well, in the part of the meadow set aside for them, then on the root crops grown for them, and hopefully tethered in the forest, after chestnuts and acorns.

With any luck, a year from now, they should be heading toward the dreamed of 200kg of a top baconer, the smoke house, the freezer, and the kitchen. It may take a bit longer, more or less, we’ve never kept pigs before, and they are supposed to be a slow growing breed. It has been mentioned, that they are some of the finest ham makers on the planet, we are hoping sausage and bacon too.

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  1. a whole year! eek! be warned that it's gonna be difficult to dispatch them after getting to know them so well, pigs are full of character and very easy to get attached to. but you can also be assured they'll have had the best of fun being rick & sarah's piggies – so much better than buying any other meat. good luck! xxx

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