Welcome to meadow 3

Finally the locals are taking us seriously. Last year we asked our neigbour to rotavate meadow 3 for us, “oh, it’s too wet”, “oh, it’s too dry”, “oh’ it’s too hot” etc. etc.
Last year we asked the local butchers to get us some livestock, ok, it was goats not pigs, the goats turned up dead, not much use to us.
You could put it down to mis-communication or total lack of communication. But it seems that we can now speak enough Portuguese to make ourselves understood, or they are finally taking us seriously or both.
We asked the local butchers to get us two black pigs from the Alentejo area. We want to keep them outside and they cope better with the hot weather due to being hairy. Most locals keep pigs but inside in caves, they never see the light of day. That’s not how we want to rear our animals.
“Oh, no too difficult to find”, “oh, not available”, “oh, very expensive”. Three days later Carlos shouted up to me from the bottom of the steps where we live and announced that the pigs are coming!!!! on Sunday.
We will keep them on meadow three, split into 3 to follow a three year rotation. 1/3rd for them to live on and fertilize, rotatvate and clean. 1/3rd planted with root crops, for them to move on to in the final months and 1/3rd with green manure and then root crops again and first 1/3rd.
Our neighnbour, after pleading with him came and rotavated the 2/3rd’s yesterday, it’s not how I like to do things and all the weeds have been chopped up into a million pieces, but the pigs can eat all of that. All that’s left is for Rick to build a coral and a house for them. In the meanwhilst they will live in the exisiting house with access to a little bit of outdoors.

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