Day of the sausage

I asked for a sausage maker for my birthday as portuguese sausages (excluding chorizo) are awful and made with sawdust……
Those of you that know Rick, know that he is obssessed with Frank Wight’s Pork Awards (Butcher in our UK home town). We can’t get those here obviously so we decided to make our own. It didn’t start well however, opening the box the maker came in we discovered that one of the legs had broken off, not to worry, one curt email later a piece of kindling will do…..

What kind to make?
A cumberland of course for the comedy value

We will have to perfect the recipe but it was a good start

Make a silly smiley face and eat with beans


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4 Responses to Day of the sausage

  1. Algarve Kev says:

    That's a big thing over here- propper sausage!!!!!! Enjoy

  2. like your sausage (maker)

    We've just had gluten free debbie and harrys garden herb good un's with onion gravy….. – thought we'd share the sausage story

    Anne and Dan….?ha ha

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