orange risotto

Spicy, roasted pumpkin risotto, topped off with pecorino romano….. yum. perfect for a winter evening

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3 Responses to orange risotto

  1. uaaauu!!it looks amazing!!! can you give the recipe??We have so many pumpkins!!:)

  2. There are lots of fancy ways of making risotto……all you need are good ingredients. Arborio rice is best, home-made chicken stock, proper parmesan, butter and a good appetite!!!!!

    Slice up your pumpkin (leave skin on) (i grow/use ichuri kuri) but any will do. PLace in oven tray and sprinkle with chilli flakes and pounded coriander seeds a little salt and a lot of olive oil and place in oven. Cook until tender and skin crispy. Meanwhile fry an onion in some butter in the pan you will use for risotto. When translucent add your rice and coat the rice in the butter and onions. Start adding your hot stock a ladle at a time and NEVER leave the stove now. You have to keep adding stock and stiring until the rice is cooked, about 5 mins before end start adding your pumpkin, chopped up into cubes, leave skin on if you want, we do.. Never let the rice stick to the pan………when it's done there should be a little bit of liquid left in the pan. Cover the rice with parmesan or pecorino, don't bother with anything else, you'll ruin it and leave the whole thing to stand for 5 mins.
    good luck

  3. OHH! THANK YOU!!So much!! We will try very soon!!Please keep puting this wonderful recipes!!;)
    Best regards

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