A short film about olive pressing

When Rick has recovered sufficiently from the whole olive experience (read, finished whittling spoons out of olive wood), He’s going to write a post about the pressing. Meanwhile, here’s something I prepared earlier……

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3 Responses to A short film about olive pressing

  1. ah, last year i wanted to whittle spoons out of the olive wood, even went as far as getting myself a couple of spoon-whittling tools. but couldn't really find any decent instructions anywhere … do u think rick will show me how it's done?

  2. Andy

    Wick will hold a whittling workshop for you…..with pleasure….you'd have to come to Benfeita…what across the N17…..yikes…….

  3. it's me (sophie) wot wants to learn to whittle spoons. andy says he whittles the whole trees and has no interest in the smaller bits of wood!

    drove past an olive grove yesterday where they'd basically chopped whole trees down and just left one or two tiny little new branches – that's what i call pruning! wanted to take a photo for rick but didn't have a camera.

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