Well we have finished picking the olives, through torrential rain, autumn sun and gale force winds, what a week. Hanging in trees is fun when the wind isn’t blowing, it’s downright scary when it is and today, it blew, it still blows. it’s been a trying time all round. The puppy has made it vaguely amusing and at times extremely annoying, lying all over the nets and the olives, not moving off when you need him to, going underneath the net and getting all tangled up. The nets are 6mx6m, very slipperry, impossible to get a hold off with sore, rough hands, comical to set up when the wind is blowing hard, you’re on a very steep terrace with a big drop down and a bloody (big) puppy rolling all over it having a ball……..
We think, although we won’t know until we get to the mill that we’ve got in the region of 400 kg, which may sound like a lot, but the lagar requires between 300 and 500 kg for a single pressing, so fingers crossed we’ve hit the mark.
Will post pics of the process on Friday, meanwhile back to the other work.

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  1. all that work may not seem worth it right now, but just wait until you taste your own oil!

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