Fungi foray

here are some of the best edible fungi that are currently available in the outdoors shop.

first we have the Bay Bolete, close family of Porcini, aka the Cep, this one found in mixed woodland. a good addition to your dried mushroom stock, for soup and rissoto.

next we have the Cep, the most important culinary mushroom, bar none.
the best mushroom for slicing and drying, an essential soup ingredient, and better yet in a wild mushroom rissoto,
even better dried and rehydrated than fresh, as something happens in the drying process that intensifies the flavor. found in broad leaf woodland, particularly oak, chestnut, and beech (try finding beech here).

and finally, we have the premier bracket fungus, the Beefsteak fungus. found usually a couple of feet off the ground, and repeatedly growing on the same tree. remember the tree and you can cut and come again, often the same year. grows on oak and chestnut. when cut it bleeds just like meat, and as the name suggests has something in common with beefsteak, not just looks but flavor and texture. stick it in a pan with bacon, the only way to have it. watch it sizzle.

the thing with fungi is that they often act symbiotically with their host tree, by removing the fruiting body your are helping the mycelium (the web of fungus) spread, inadvertently, by releasing spores from the fruit.

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