Fruity poo

I have been working on transforming the last piece of wilderness on meadow one.

Kind neighbours and friends have been giving me cuttings and runners of raspberries, loganberries and blackcurrants. I also had some of my own which needed moving, now is the time to do it and coincided nicely with 2 fruit planting days. However, I needed poo. Monday was poo collecting day which I did, I also moved 5 barrows of the stuff from the top of our property to the bottom, those of you that have visited know that it’s not easy terrain, the going down bit wasn’t too bad as once the brakes are on the barrow it pretty much just needs steering, garvity and momentum do the rest. Taking the empty (thankfully) barrow back up is the hard bit, luckily there’s not a lot of passing traffic on the road at the top as I may have been run over several times, due to lying all over the road panting and sweating!!
Anyway all the plants are now in and nicely dressed with poo, a small patch left to dig over for anymore plants I want and a great place for the dogs to trample and ruin…..

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One Response to Fruity poo

  1. looking happy in their new home! 🙂

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