and then there were three……

Unfortunately we had to cull one of the chickens, she had suddenly become very poorly and couldn’t breathe, we tried lots of things to help her, including poking a feather covered in oil down her throat. I spent hours on-line trying to find out what could be wrong with her and lost sleep over the whole thing.
I now have a wealth of knowledge about preventative measures you can take to keep your chickens well, but when it comes to cures there are really only two options, well three actually, make them comfy and see if they get better on their own, take them to a vet and three put them out of their misery.
We tried the first option, the second option got taken out of the whole process as they only cost €8 each, and we couldn’t justify spending more than that on them in their entire lives, esp. as I can’t afford to go to a physio about my knee, so the third option it was.

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