Mega Arroz Doce

The last of our summer events took place here yesterday.
An enormous 3 meter wide pot was bought in from Lisboa and Intermarche supplied the ingredients, the local spoonmaker made the spoons and the cooks from the Centro cooked the pudding. A crazy idea but it worked. A fantastic day was had by all, the roads of Benfeita were closed off, people came from all over to watch and eat. Some of the local artisans had been asked to set up stalls, including Rick who much to the bemusement of the locals, stood and made a paddle using an axe! The event marked the end of the cafe and the end of the summer. Loud thunder threatened us all day, with a few spots of rain here and there and quite literally, as everything was winding down and the pudding had been eaten, an enormous gust of wind blew in, sending the sheet music for the band that were playing and giant Lime leaves, everywhere. The heavens properly opened for the first time in months and the village was reduced to a river of mud in a matter of minutes, lightning lit up the sky and thunder so loud you’d have thought the mountains were collapsing around us.
A very dramatic end to the whole day and the whole summer. There is a distinct chill in the air today, Autumn has arrived……….

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