Accidents will happen

Completely unrelated to most of the things I write about, for those of you that are following the blog ‘cos you know us, will know that I like to horse ride. I was invited sometime ago to ride out with some new friends, I’ve tried to go on a weekly basis but haven’t always been able to. Anyway I have recently been quizzing my friend on her horse whispering knowledge and we decided last week that that’s what we’d do.
Having no need for my hat as we would be working on the ground, I left it up at the house. We had a great time with the horses, I learnt alot and felt that I had generally had a good first experience with all three horses. At the end of the session, we thought it might be nice for me to see what I could do on Maurice. Bearing in mind he had no saddle or reins and I no hat. I did fleetingly think “oh, but I haven’t go my hat on” and then promptly got a leg up. Maurice started moving forward and suddenly decided to turn towards the only tree in the yard, or rather the only dead tree in the yard. Now I’ve been riding horses off and on for 40 years, I have ridden bareback before, but I have never ridden bareback, bridleless and hatless. As we approached the dead tree, the only branch hanging off the tree was looming and in my head I was saying duck, duck and my body did something completely ridiculous, I clung on to the branch, which didn’t budge the horse continued forward, I didn’t let go of branch (why?) and promptly fell off the back of Maurice. I cut my head open first and then landed very badly on both knees. Anyway, the upshot is that obviously I feel very silly, I was lucky not to have hurt myself more, I drove home with blood/egg on my face and have been hauled up in the house, hobbling around ever since. Will I continue to ride, of course I will.
I have put this link here so for those of you interested in bareback, bridleless riding, you can see how it should be done

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