Chutneys and curries

We were given a lot of peaches from a neighbour and although it seems a crime to use them for a chutney they weren’t that palatable just for eating, so rather than waste them I decided to make a spicy peach chutney. We miss Sharwoods Mango chutney, so instead of just feeling homesick every time we run out of something I made my own…… wanting to try it out I then embarked a massive cooking fest, 3 vegetarian curries, all the vegetables from our garden,pumkin curry, keerai (spinach curry) and alu sag (potato curry). Of course wasn’t complete until Rick fired up the bread oven and made peshwari naan and a yoghurt with cucumber and mint. The peach chutney went down a treat, half a jar consumed, god I love cooking.

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2 Responses to Chutneys and curries

  1. Alice says:

    wow. That really looks fab. I think you should open your own little curry house for homesick Brits … I would have paid double for that meal when we were in Portugal!

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