It ain’t half hot mum!!

Sorry for absence, it’s been so hot here, I haven’t really been able to think let alone take random pictures and post anything remotely interesting on the blog……..
The garden continues to provide more than enough food for two people. The chest freezer is nearly full of beans; brocolli; courgettes; sweetcorn; plums and apples. The tomato plants are collapsing on their frames under the weight of their fruits, I have never had such a crop, we’ve only been picking the cherry toms as the others are slow to ripen, you know they will all ripen at once. Rick has built a drying rack which I will use to sun-dry some toms, peppers and aubergines, the rest of the toms will be bottled or frozen as sauces. The sunflowers are drooping in that very sad way they do when they have stopped showing off, the marigolds continue to flower but are on their last legs. All the winter veg seems to be fine, very wilty during the day but comes back to life once the sun has disappeared. The pumpkin patch has died back and all the pumpkins and squashes are just sat their on their nests of hay, waiting…..

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