(River) Beach Life……

When it’s too hot to work this is where I come to cool off, our local river beach, literally 3 minutes walk from the house.
Icy mountain water, the sort that takes your breath away and the outdoor cafe 1 minute away…….god life’s hard.

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One Response to (River) Beach Life……

  1. Vivaldo Q. says:

    Hi, Sarah, hi Rick,

    I came to your blog a little by accident and I was surprised to see that you have linked it
    to Site da Benfeita. Thanks! This would give an opportunity to your friends to know a little about the place where you live. I'm sorry it's not translated into English but one can count with “translate.google.com” that translates any page on the fly. Right? Haha.
    By the way, our address is http://benfeita.planetaclix.pt (with no www's). Thanks, anyway! I enjoyed reading your blog and I wish you all the best among us.

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