Rick’s new toy!

The saw mill arrived last week, from Sweden. All the trees we have cut down will be put through this mill, some to get them out of the wood as too heavy as they are, but don’t wont to loose the length so they’ll be “beamed”. This was it’s first outing with Rick practicing and seeing how it works with some pine that he cut down on our property. I expect it will become a bit of a spectator sport with the villagers once they get wind that this is what he’s doing, we seem to be a constant topic of conversation…..

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One Response to Rick’s new toy!

  1. love the power saw and lumberjack posts!

    first class fodder for all blokes following this blog – <>is<>_ blog short for bloke?

    (don’t worry about the bowl of ______ cherries next time tho…)

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