Day two, in the woods

Today was successful, we felled alot. We had a couple of hairy moments when one tree split and snapped and another didn’t want to fall down and wanted to go the opposite way to the way it should have gone, Rick’s chainsaw got stuck and we had to rig up a chain and still the tree didn’t go where it should have, I’m learning alot about felling, and although I’m not allowed to use the chiansaw (for obvious reasons, for those of you that know me!), i’m still enjoying it and enjoying watching my husband being manly.

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One Response to Day two, in the woods

  1. I felled once too. twisted my ankle rather badly and couldn’t run for a week. much better now though.

    glad to see it’s all going well. will you have made a nice rustic table and some benches for us to enjoy a spot of lunch on when we visit? do hope so!

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