The dark side

Here’s a picture of what we call “the dark side”, it’s a piece of chestnut woodland that we own and George (the butcher of Benfeita) our neighbour suggested that if we wanted to fell the pines that were periodically falling over we needed to do it now as he’s about to plant corn and didn’t want the trees falling on his land or being felled onto his land.

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3 Responses to The dark side

  1. brilliant! we’ve got a piece of land we call “the other side” 🙂

  2. oh yes, ps, btw. andy didn’t mean horse riding will have to wait until next year – he meant pruning will have to wait until next year! although there is a pruning talk/event on 17th – can u send me your email again (stupid crash lost all my emails) and i’ll send u details if you’re interested. bjs

  3. considering the obfuscation of the beekeepers and the general ambiguity of the shopkeepers, one wonders if it is really corn he’s planting… he might just want a view with fewer trees in it…

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