2 months and finally…..

After two months (first pic taken in January, after clearing 12ft high weeds) we have very nearly finished hand-digging meadow two. I have started planting stuff out and erected lots of canes and pea netting. The potatoes will go in next week and we are also planting a lot of maize in the animal meadow. Meadow one (pics another time) has been designated animal meadow, and will eventually house the chickens and goat and maybe even a pig or two, meanwhile we’ll grow crops there for them all to eat. 

Rick has been busy clearing the woodland on what we call the dark side…there were a lot of downed pines and as he was felling the other day a very old chestnut blew down right in front of him, at that point he left the woodland as the winds had really picked up. Now that we’re ready for planting he can go back to the woods and mess about with his chainsaw and axes.
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