Roly poly tunnel

We started putting up the polytunnel a couple of weeks ago (in the pouring rain), Daniela came to stay and helped (our first unofficial woofer)….I went away for a week and Rick made a brilliant bench for the tunnel out of a couple of old pallets and an oak beam and continued to construct the door frames from small pines that he felled at christmas, today the doors were hung and because it was a leaf day I planted two beds either side of the east entrance (herbs, rocket and spinach). We’ve finally burnt some stuff and let the chickens out, feel like we’re really getting a lot done now the weather has turned and get a full days work in.

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One Response to Roly poly tunnel

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi you two, its Elaine from the allotment! The poly tunnel looks good, much better than on my plot. Well done. Have managed to get on my plot, do some digging and have finally transferred the fruit trees from old plot. Its not the same without seeing you though! Have fun and look forward to seeing more photos. Love me & Ajay

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